Saturday, February 5, 2011

Your Hooters is in Other Castle!

As a gift to me because im so fucking awesome, White Castle is opening on February 15th, my birthday. however, the Hooters sign is still in place. ten days, people. ten days. jackie and i want to handwrite a sign that says WHITE CASTLE in spray paint and hang it over ye olde hootres sign.

hardees also opened up in sartell by the new walmart. as an avid grub grade reader, i feel like i have some kind of duty to the world to visit these establishments and report back. feel free to interpret "duty" as "complusion," im sure thats how my therapist would interpret it. im really sad because my partner in overindulgence, roommate jackerella, is afraid of white castle and had a tramatic experience with a wyoming hardees back in the day and so will not be going to either of these with me!! sad face!! but i feel like i can tempt her with takeout.

speaking of takeout!!! so we've both become addicted to Big Bang Theory, myself not just because of its hilarity but because of my reoccurring sex dreams about the cast [which have led to me referring to howard wolowitz as my secret lover... therapy item #2]. the devil about this show is they are ALWAYS EATING TAKEOUT!!! like at least once an episode, and its usually chinese or thai. OH THE CRAVINGS. first thing i did when i got paid this week was get some takeout chinese.... and i think another new project may be to check out all the itty bitty takeout chinese places ive never tried because they look sketchy. possible horrible results... but possible new addiction as well.

gtg, my pizzas here... buffalo chicken, mmm.

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  1. If you're referring to Don Kahns they are good. As long as your looking for new york american style chinese.