Monday, January 17, 2011

Vaginal Potsticker

sorry i havent updated lately. im kind of busy what with my boo jackie moving in this week. also not eating much of interest. to tide you over, here is a potsticker that looks like a vagina.

ugh... look at it glisten. jackerella and i were at TGIFridays getting our appetizers on, and i got this 3 appetizer combo [i shouldve gone with the jack daniels sampler like i wanted, jackie SAID she needed potato skins but she LIED and didnt eat any] with buffalo wings, potato skins and potstickers.

jackie: what the fuck are those?
me: potstickers.
jackie: they look vaginal.
jackie: seriously they do.
[i actually look]

jackie wanted me to tongue it for a picture, but im sorry, i dont love you guys that much.

then it was all made better by their vanilla bean cheesecake, one of my favorite cheesecakes in the world [despite jackie insisting it was pudding... girl you were being a poop that night!! all hatin on my foodz.] but i like it. its fluffy and vanilla flavored and delicious and has white chocolate flakes on top.

more posts later. i still have some indian food to blog about. fuck i cant even talk about this right now.... i dont have any food or money til wednesday and tomorrow i might be eating nothing but sliced cheese and oatmeal. *cry*

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